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This discussion is important and timely as it addresses professional well-being during times of uncertainty, stress, and social unrest. These issues have impacted most health care professionals, including psychologists. The data will provide insights related to professional well-being. Professional well-being is critical during this time of unprecedented stress for health care professionals. This innovative collaboration of SIGs created a survey to explore the well-being of psychologists working in health care settings to create a well-being toolkit. Ultimately, the goal is to broadly share creative approaches and resources. The data collected through the survey include cultural diversity items. Factors of diversity were associated with stress, professional dissatisfaction, and access to wellness resources. In our discussion, we will share insights into these findings. Through multiple brief presentations across multiple institutions, our creativity lies in the broad array of approaches we will share that address professional well-being. The format will keep the presentation "fast moving" and engaging. If time allows, we will include breakout rooms. Presenters are psychologists who specialize in professional well-being in healthcare settings. We will share survey data on well-being from psychologists. These data will be shared in the context of the growing literature on well-being and stress, especially for health care professionals.